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2018 Department Convention
Past Department Presidents

Ellen Higgins, Daryl Reed, Deborah Schiesser
Penny Rittenhouse, Sharon Harkcom, Caren Cleaveland - National President, Mary Jane Bannan, Jean Krovoski

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Photos courtesy of Linda Marker

Gettysburg Trivia Scavenger Hunt sponsored by Department of Pennsylvania DUVCW
Open to all, Allied Orders - Family and Friends
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2018 Friday Afternoon Tea sponsored by Tent 55 Click here
2018 Remembrance Day Parade Information Click here
2018 Remembrance Day Ball Information Click here
2018 Remembrance Day Banquet Information and Order Form Click here

Fall 2018 Department Chief of Staff Sale Items
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The gourds were won by Donna Wurm of Tent 61, and they were donated back for another
fundraiser at the Tri-camp meeting in Ebensburg, PA

Click here for a Map of the PA Tent locations

Click here for Request Form to Access Department General Orders via the Website
Saving the Department money by cancelling your USPS mailing of General Orders

Click here for a list of Pennsylvania VA and SVH Facilities

duv Community Service Award
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The Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, 1861 - 1865
is a not-for-profit corporation formed for the
daughters of union veterans to perpetuate the memories of their
ancestral fathers who served in the Civil War,
to honor their loyalty and their unselfish sacrifices
to preserve the Union, and to keep alive the history of those
who participated in that heroic struggle for the maintenance of our free government.

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